ReliableCure VAB

Engineered for Vertical and Bridge
deck applications

ReliableCure VAB®


Provides Superior Abrasion Resistance


Creates Increased Concrete Strength and Durability


Ensures Optimal Hydration

ReliableCure VAB® single-use wet curing blankets feature a non-woven engineered absorbent fabric. This material is comprised of absorbent synthetic fibers and super absorbent polymers that are laminated to white opaque poly sheeting. The absorbent materials retain more than 10 times their weight in water to fully hydrate the concrete surface for the length of the wet curing process. In the rare event that the blanket becomes less than fully hydrated the blanket can be re-saturated through perforations in the poly sheeting.

ReliableCure VAB® Downloads

Full Submittal Package

Click the link below to download all ReliableCureVAB®-related documents (Data Sheet, MSDS, and Installation Training, in one).

Download Full Submittal Package

Data Sheet

This data sheet contains all product information and outlines applications, markets, and coverages.

Download Data Sheet


A mandatory on-site document, the Material Safety Data Sheets help contractors understand and handle our products safely and efficiently.

Download MSDS

Installation Training

Want to see how easy it is to install ReliableCureVAB® wet curing blanket? Let our contractor, Reli Able, show you how.

Download Installation Training