UltraCure NCF Natural Fiber Concrete Curing

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When floor appearance is everything, UltraCure NCF™ is the wet curing method chosen by top professionals to provide thorough hydration, less discoloration and a more evenly cured slab. Unlike other single-use blankets which tend to dry out after 3-4 days, UltraCure NCF™ (Natural Cellulose Fabric) provides constant hydration and maintains a 100% relative humidity condition on the slab for the entire 7-day curing period (with proper installation).

The blanket features non-staining, super absorbent fibers that effectively trap water and serve as a hydrating reservoir for the slab as it cures. UltraCure NCF™ also features a white poly backing, which provides constant visual reinforcement that the concrete remains wet for the entire curing period while reflecting the sun's rays to reduce any "greenhouse" effect that may heat the slab.

The superior water retention ability of UltraCure NCF™ allows the blanket to absorb more than 46 gallons of curing water per 1,600 sq. ft. roll, providing the critical moisture required for the long term wet curing of concrete surfaces. With typical application and proper installation, the superior absorbency demonstrated by UltraCure NCF™ means there's no need to re-wet the slab. UltraCure NCF™ is designed to remain moist for up to 7 days.

After the UltraCure NCF™ disposable curing blanket is removed, you will discover the concrete surface has less dust, debris, and contaminants. UltraCure NCF™ lays flat longer on the surface than most other methods, and helps prevent foreign material from accessing the slab/surface. A cleaner concrete surface will allow easier installation of surface hardeners.

Using UltraCure NCF™ also helps reduce material costs, installation labor, and totally eliminates the need of costly storage and transportation of traditional wet cure methods.

Patented UltraCure™ can be used for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

  • Lightweight—each roll weighs approximately 50 pounds
  • Rolls out flat and stays flatter than many other wet cure methods which reduces trapped air and discoloration
  • Rolls come with fabric side out, making it easy to install
  • No taping the seams
  • Stays wet for 7 days without re-hydrating
image of workers standing on UltraCure NCF™ blankets

UltraCure NCF™ Installation Instructions