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About Us

Reliable Concrete Accessories is a privately-held company that has been operating within the commercial concrete sectors for over 8 years. Our latest product line of wet curing blankets represent the next generation of high-performance concrete curing technology. ReliableCure SOG® (for flatwork) and ReliableCure VAB® (vertical & bridge deck applications) curing blankets provide a wide range of benefits built-in.

Over the years, Reliable Concrete Accessories has invested greatly in strategic research and development allowing us to create new products based on the most advanced materials and production methods in the industry. ReliableCure is now a recognized global brand and specified product choice by many well-respected industry leaders. Reliable Concrete Accessories currently carry patents on both blankets in the United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand with other foreign countries pending.

We attribute our company’s success to the high-performance level of our wet curing blankets and our reputation for consistently delivering the highest level of fast and courteous customer service. Reliable Concrete Accessories is confident the advantages of our wet curing blankets will speak for themselves.

We offer you and your customers a higher-performing product at highly competitive prices and look forward to being a part of your next building project.

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