It’s Official! ReliableCure Wet Curing Blankets Now Specified In MasterSpec

by RelAdmin
5 years ago

Reliable Concrete Accessories is excited to announce that the specifications for our nationally recognized brand of concrete wet curing blankets, ReliableCure SOG® and ReliableCure VAB® are now listed in Product MasterSpec, a program within MasterSpec.

The inclusion of our specifications will expand brand recognition within the commercial construction industry, thus making it easier and faster for our customers and concrete specifiers to add ReliableCure wet curing blankets to their building projects.

What is MasterSpec?

MasterSpec is the most widely used, preeminent Master Specification System in use in commercial construction today. It is a product of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) featuring a comprehensive library of specifications that covers over 1700 sections in full-length, short-form, and outline formats. MasterSpec is used by many of the top architectural and engineering firms.

What is Product MasterSpec?

Product MasterSpec is a program that allows manufacturers to license sections from the MasterSpec libraries. It is an online tool that architects, engineers, and design professionals recognize and use when creating specifications. Construction professionals and non-professionals can access Product MasterSpec for free on their website.

Please find our company information and specifications download by clicking on the link below.

Find us in Masterspec

Who Product Masterspec Helps:

  • Architects/Design-Build Companies
  • Engineers/Engineering or E/A firms
  • Specification Writers/Concrete Specifiers
  • Construction Consultants